Short-Term and Open-ended Therapy for Individuals

People often come to therapy when they feel out of control, their emotional pain and problems are increasingly taking over their lives and they are struggling to cope.

Therapy is a place and relationship where you don’t have to pretend to be okay, you don’t have to be anything for anyone. So often we can live our lives without questioning our beliefs, assumptions, values, or giving space to our feelings and needs. I will help you to understand your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and what you are experiencing in a non-judgemental and confidential space. Often behaviours or modes of being that have been useful in the past,  are no longer serving us well in our current lives. Therapy can be a space to understand why we might be feeling and behaving the way we currently are and develop awareness into that which is keeping us stuck, in order to stop self-sabotaging behaviours or unhealthy patterns of relating to self and others. Through the re-examination of the roles we may be adopting in relation to ourselves, others and the world, our choices and beliefs, a new perspective and understanding into ourselves and our difficulties can be reached. This new understanding and awareness can increase our sense of freedom, with new choices and possibilities arising, and a sense of clarity in how to move forward and live a more fulfilling life. More than anything I hope to provide a space in a relaxed environment, where you can be truly yourself, without fear of judgement, expectations or demands being put upon you.

I am a Chartered Psychologist having successfully completed a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy. I have full clinical membership with the accrediting organisations of BPS and HCPC. I also have full clinical membership as an accredited existential-phenomenological psychotherapist with the BACP. I have trained in integrative models, mindfulness-based approaches, psychodynamic approaches, CBT, and this informs my main mode of practice of existential-phenomenological therapy. I have also had training on human sexuality, ethics, social and cultural factors, couples therapy, family and systemic therapy, leadership training, group therapy training, critical psychopathology and diagnosis, life span and supervision training. I take the view that each client has unique needs and therefore I do not subscribe to one set theory or model and take a personalised and strongly relational approach. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor for change and accordingly I put great emphasis on the relational dynamics. It is essential that you find a therapist that you feel comfortable with, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or book an initial consultation, with no obligation to continue.

The majority of my experience has been gained working as a Clinical Lead and Supervisor for an organisation called EASE Wellbeing. This organisation is operational within GP practices in primary care of the NHS in both London and Oxfordshire and implements a short-term goal-oriented model for adults with anxiety and depression. I used to conduct all psychological assessments, together with robust risk assessments, client allocations and referrals at two GP practices, before taking up a supervisory role and overseeing other clinicians’ clinical work across the service. I have extensive experience delivering the full intervention and in conducting individual and group supervision with clinicians at EASE Wellbeing. I have conducted a significant body of research into this intervention, therefore assisting in the development of the therapeutic protocol and clinical training, as well as attaining new business.

I have also experienced working in a longer term format (up to two year therapeutic contracts) within the charity Mind and with adolescents (12-16 years of age) in secondary schools with the charity Place2Be.

I have experience working with both adults and adolescents in a long and short term format in private practise. I have a particular interest in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, living with long term chronic health conditions and relational difficulties. 

I have experience in dealing with the following concerns and areas:

Presenting issues:

Abuse: Emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse

Addictions: Alcohol, drug addiction, self-harm and eating (not sex addiction)

Anxiety: Social, intrusive thoughts, obsessive-compulsive

Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The difficulties of managing pain and fatigue, listening to the body, pacing, meaning making and the grieving process involved in having to adopt an alternative lifestyle and shifting identity

Depression: Loss and bereavement, loss of purpose and meaning, lack of motivation and hopelessness, low self-esteem, overwhelming despair, difficult and suicidal thoughts and feelings


Eating Difficulties: Over and under eating, over exercising, bulimia and body image

Existential: Re-evaluation of past and current choices, identifying roles in relationships and towards self and position in life, responsibility, dealing with uncertainty, loss of identity, ageing and death

Relationships: Relationship breakdown, difficulties in forming relationships, familial relationships and pressures at school with relationships, difficulties around becoming and being a parent

Stress: Work stress, traumatic events, overthinking, obsessive thinking, self worth issues


All sessions are currently taking place online unless otherwise agreed. 

I usually work at two addresses:

My London Practice is in Earlsfield, SW17 0UH

My Oxfordshire Practice is in Blewbury, Oxfordshire, OX11 9QQ

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