Meryl Streep

“The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can”

It has become the norm to define happiness and particularly success based on jobs, grades, competitions, social media likes, and others’ opinions more generally. But relying on external validation is a very turbulent way of living and means that when something goes wrong we are very vulnerable and we can feel like a failure and empty. Everything we do and every step taken whether this is towards a goal, backwards or a complete tangent, is still a successful step that leads to new experiences and therefore learning. There is a ‘norm’ to have an explanation for what we are doing and why, to be sure about our choices. People rarely do things for the pure curiosity, happiness and wonderment, instead there has to be an objective achievement that can be relayed and compared. I would like people to take up the piano, not with an expectation that they need to be the best at it, but just to learn and experience and to gain internal validation. To go for a run, not with the goal to only beat the last time no matter how tired you are, but because you enjoy it, enjoy the countryside, space and ability to listen to your body. Do some art, not because you want to sell it or get it validated on instagram, but because it’s an opportunity to relax, clear thoughts and process emotions. As you sometimes hear within yoga sessions, setting an intention to listen to your body and what you need, as opposed to working to predefined expectations for yourself and how you must improve each session. The intention of enjoyment and care, and not only goal and achievement.

What are your core values?

What does success look like and mean to you?

How do you experience happiness and perceive it to be obtained?

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