Self in a continuous process of development and becoming

“Man is always something more than what he knows of himself. He is not what he is simply once and for all, but is a process (Jaspers, 2009, p116).

We are not fixed and sedimented, but are in a continuous process of becoming. Statements like “that is the way I am” need to be challenged if they are keeping you stuck, as we can choose to do something differently everyday.

1 thought on “Self in a continuous process of development and becoming”

  1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is the simple message that has resonated across generations in response to the cyclical processes of life where victories are counterbalanced by setbacks and the future cannot be predicted with certainty. In other words, when the times are challenging as the present economic crisis has shown us, those with the extra edge succeed. This edge can be obtained only by investing in oneself right from a young age and continuing to do so even in adulthood. For instance, many young people find themselves out of jobs or unable to break into the crowded job market. With so much competition, it becomes apparent that only those with the special advantage can succeed. Therefore, one has to keep reinventing oneself to adapt to changing circumstances. If you have a passion for writing or artistry and you are laid off from your day job, you can start a new career by following your passion and make money in the process as well. Similarly, if you are working in the social sector, you can learn a new computer skill or a new tool that is cutting edge and when you feel that your present job is unviable, and then you can make the transition to other careers.


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