Humour & light-heartedness

BBACF79A-3F28-4BCC-B0DA-809A53361B46An important decision that you can make is to decide to be present in the moment and try to enjoy as much as possible the here and now. So often people live for the future- they work towards trying to obtain the perfect job, the higher position at work, the next qualification, a house, relationship, more money – but isn’t this all to be able to stop and enjoy life at some point? At the same time, we can also spend too much time in the past, lamenting lost possibilities, wrong choices, being weighed down by traumas and experiences. Or vice versa, wishing that things could be as they once were, dreaming of better times or youth. This is such a heavy way to live if you don’t give equal time to the present moment and let go of everything for a moment. Can you make the decision to try to enjoy and acknowledge what you have now amongst everything else? Make it your priority to find things to laugh at, to be light hearted about, to be grateful for, especially during the particularly low times as perhaps it could make them not quite so low. Alex Howard, writer of ‘Why ME?’, spoke of how happiness is a decision that we make and is the one thing that he would have liked most of all to have done differently in his recovery process. When in pain, hopelessness, desperation and soul searching there is a tendency to withdraw from the world and think and think and think. But amongst all of this thinking, seriousness and pain, see if you can also find opportunities for joy, laughter and take a playful and curious attitude to life.


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